Application Development

Mobile Applications

Proliferation of smartphone have made mobile applications a necessity. Which business will want to miss out on the possibility to reach every pocket without spending a fortune on advertising and let go as much business? We develop consumer and enterprise mobile applications for all major smartphone platforms viz. Android, iPhone, Windows and Blackberry. If you are thinking of mobile apps for your business, think Divilogic.

Web & Cloud Applications

How about having all your business and ERP applications online 24x7 and able to access them from just anywhere with any device that has internet? How good will it feel to stay relieved of all the technical problems, crashes, hardware & software upgrades et all? And all that at one-tenth of the costs? If this offer entice you, then web applications are the way to go. The web and cloud have revolutionized the infrastructure and software applications model and looking to wipe out the installed infrastructure in any organisation. We specialize in web applications from a simple business website to complex enterprise grade applications. We develop in all popular languages and platforms

Desktop Applications

Despite the threat from the cloud to replace the installed infrastructures, the good old desktop still rules the roost. The level of interactivity that a native application renders surpassing the browser limitations and the speed are unmatched by any other platform. We develop desktop applications using major languages (like C, .Net, Java) and all major platforms (Windows, Linux, Mac).